Computer Animation Demo and Works

Graduating from Full Sail University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Animation left me with some great experience and content. Full Sail University’s Computer Animation Bachelors of Science or CABS for short is very demanding but very rewarding. Getting the chance to learn from skilled industry leaders and work in every part of the production pipeline you really experience everything. Here is some of my work in the Computer Animation field.

The animation stills are created from photographs. These are intended to look as realistic as possible.

K. Charles Moore Computer Animation Demo from Kevin Charles Moore on Vimeo.

This is an animation Short about a Juice Box who encounters something he has never seen before.

Juice Box from Kevin Charles Moore on Vimeo.

Compositing is one of my favorite parts of the animation pipeline. As an artist you get to take a shot that you or someone else took and add things that would at times be impossible to normally create naturally.

K. Charles Moore Compositing Demo from Kevin Charles Moore on Vimeo.

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