Local Neighborhood Bakery Holds the Key to Success

Local neighborhood bakery featured on the Food Network, Golden Crown Panaderia has found success for more than 25 years by keeping it simple and being happy.

Local Neighborhood Bakery Holds the Key to Success from Kevin Charles Moore on Vimeo.

The Golden Crown Panaderia has been supplying the local community with an old-fashioned approach to baked goods and business practices. This approach has been successful mainly in part to the inviting environment created by the father and son duo, Pratt Morales and son Christopher Morales. For over 25 years this small bakery has been supplying much of Albuquerque with original breads and pastries. However not everything is old-fashioned about this neighborhood bakery.

Latte Art by Christopher Morales - Golden Crown Panaderia (Photo by K. Charles Moore/ Full Sail University)

Latte Art by Christopher Morales – Golden Crown Panaderia (Photo by K. Charles Moore/ Full Sail University)

While many of the practices and products have not changed, it is the latte art and indoor garden that has given the Golden Crown Panaderia a modern point. Christopher Morales has taken up a craft that visually express what he considers the perfect cup of coffee, by combining an espresso shot and steamed milk. This results in an authentic artistic decoration on the top of a latte. Christopher Morales also began the bakery’s one of a kind indoor garden. The garden often produces herbs and produce that the bakery uses for its baked goods and other food items.

When asked about the goal for the bakery Christopher Morales says, “To be honest the ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy our lives.”

Continuing, Morales explains that there is no wish to expand or become a corporation. The intention for the bakery is to create great food and a good atmosphere, but also to enjoy what they do for a living. Morales described how easy it is to get overwhelmed in the restaurant industry, and says that when this occurs the interaction with the customer is lost.

“Every new customer that comes into the place, we get to hear their story,” Morales illustrates while sharing a few examples.

The human element is what Morales enjoys the most about his career, and he thinks of the employees as family, ensuring that the staff continues to enjoy the work they do at the bakery. This old-fashioned bakery has a modern touch and greets customers with a warm hospitality, finding success through what brings them happiness.

K. Charles Moore


  1. Wow! It’s so great to see nationally-recognized establishments from a local point of view! I know Golden Crown is a mainstay of ABQ , w/ plenty of regular patrons, I just can’t believe I haven’t checked it out yet !

    • Thanks for reading, this is a fun and historic location. It seems almost everyone in Albuquerque is a regular at this wonderful bakery, you should check it out. With the great food and atmosphere, it’s hard not to become a regular customer.

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