A Survey Conducted on Transgender Awareness

Transgender rights are becoming the next step in equality for all; some questions about current issues were polled through many different outlets and the results are a reflection of the current climate.

God is Still Speaking. Albuquerque, NM Pride Parade. (Photo by K. Charles Moore)

God is Still Speaking. Albuquerque, NM Pride Parade. (Photo by K. Charles Moore)

A recent poll, and the one published with this article (poll has been removed but can be found here), has many calling for support and equal rights for the transgender community. In three simple questions polltakers were asked to acknowledge if they are or know anyone who identifies as transgender, if they would support a transgender friend or family member, and if they think equality is important for the transgender community. While the questions are simple, often times the answers are not.

According to a report done by the Williams Institute as of 2011 there was a reported nearly 700,000 people in the United States identifying as transgender, this is about 0.3 percent of the population at the time. Less than 20 percent of individuals taking the poll identified as transgender but 50 percent did know someone who identifies as transgender. Over 90 percent of the responders that took the survey feel that transgender equality needs to be advanced. This left a split of a little over 4 percent each, either not sure what transgender means, or thinks that the transgender community already reached equality, and one even skipped the question.

Continuing these numbers are reflected very similar in the final question about supporting a friend or family member. Over 91 percent would support them unconditionally. While it is split with a little over 4 percent each to not supporting that person, and also being upset and/or confused but ultimately supporting a friend or family member who is transgender.

Education helps promote awareness and this survey also reflects that there is a small percentage unaware of what it is to be transgender. The public and supporters will recognize what can be done in the pursuit of equality with the continued guide and education from the transgender community.

K. Charles Moore

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