The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico Continues to Serve the Local Transgender Community

For more than two years the Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico or TGRCNM has offered dedicated service for New Mexico’s transgender community, this requires the center to assist, educate, and advocate for the transgender populace to achieve equality.

The Story Intro of Being Gender from Kevin Charles Moore on Vimeo.

At the heart of the TGRCNM is Executive Director Adrien Lawyer, who co-founded the center with Zane Stephens. Lawyer is a transgender man, spouse, and father on the forefront of the equality movement for transgender communities not just in New Mexico, but also all over the United States. Lawyer has been a part of the ACLU’s All Families Matter coalition, known now as Why Marriage Matters New Mexico and sits on the board of directors for Equality New Mexico.

New Mexico has had struggles in the past with understanding transgender rights and listening to the voice expressed by that of the transgender individual. Damian Garcia, a transgender teen that identifies as male, also a senior at St. Pius X High School was denied the right to wear the traditional gowns reserved for males. Garcia was given two options: wear the white gown all graduating females wear, or not participate in the commencement. Lawyer, in providing and acting on equality is also a part of groups that have been suggesting policies to Albuquerque schools in support of transgender rights of students and staff.

Being Gender

Being Gender (Photo by K. Charles Moore)

Before getting a physical location, the center primarily existed online as a support and outreach. This made many things the center has now almost impossible, but since then the center has began to offer much more in the form of a non-profit organization. Some of the services offered are a place to rest, someone to talk with, and a safe place to be your true self. Many transgender individuals do not receive acceptance from family and friends or are afraid to come out due to social stigmas about being transgender. TGRCNM offers acceptance, education, help, and referrals. The center also engages in social events around the communities with many partners and organizations throughout New Mexico to promote equality.

To get involved or to learn more about continuing transgender equality around New Mexico, there are many ways to aid TGRCNM, donations and volunteers are always needed.

K. Charles Moore


    • Thanks ABQ Reader, this story is something that is important for the transgender community. I feel grateful to tell it and hopefully it will generate awareness.

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